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Go butterfly watching at Kaeng Krachan Park


Go butterfly watching at Kaeng Krachan Park

(Photo: Chaiwat Sardyaem)

The start of the rainy season is the right time for those who like to see butterflies in Pang Sida and Kaeng Krachan national parks.

Pang Sida National Park is located in Sa Kaeo province about 220km east of Bangkok. However, due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, the national park has been closed since May 1. This leaves you with the other option of Kaeng Krachan National Park in Phetchaburi, about 190km southwest of Bangkok.

The national park covers 2,915km² near the border with Myanmar. It is a major natural resource in Phetchaburi, a watershed of the Pran Buri and Phetchaburi rivers, and rich in biodiversity with 91 species of mammal living there including wild elephants and 461 species of bird like hornbills.

Besides birdwatching, visitors can enjoy an up-close experience of butterfly watching. The location is Ban Krang, a camping ground located west of the park’s headquarters. You can spot various types of these beautiful little winged creatures such as the common bluebottle, common jay and clipper. The best time to spot swamp butterflies is around 8am to 2pm from May to June.

The butterflies may not show up every day, depending on the weather conditions.

Kaeng Krachan National Park is also open for overnight stays. The park will close from Aug 1 to Oct 31.

Visit the park’s Facebook at facebook.com/Kaengkrachannationalparkofficial or call 032-772-311 and 032-772-312 for more details.

Nakhonchai Air to offer window-only seats

Nakhonchai Air, an interprovincial bus operator, is offering only window seats for passengers in order to comply with social-distancing measures.

Passengers can book a ticket via its website five days in advance. While on the bus passengers must wear a face mask at all times. Consuming food is not allowed.

Those who have already bought tickets and cannot travel can ask for a refund via the company’s Line account @nca.refund from 9am to 8pm.

For those who need to travel, a ticket can be purchased at nakhonchaiair.com or by calling its call centre 1624.

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